Markout (Markdown Outliner) is one of the best free outliners with Markdown-based documents that convert plain texts into dynamic documents with formatting, links, lists, tables, images, todo lists, etc:
  • - Markdown-based documents
  • - image and file attachments/embedding
  • - free and open-source backup viewer/exporter
  • - tables
  • - polished interfaces for all modern browsers, including mobile
  • - platform-specific native versions (offline mode with online synchronization) are in their final development stage, they will be released in the next few weeks, starting from iPad/iPhone, then then Android, then MacOS
    Please read Quick Start for more information.
    Markout is absolutely free for personal, non-commercial use!
    Shared Server
    • personal, non-commercial use only
    • unlimited notebooks and notes
    • up to 1 Gb of files and images, $0.95/mo for each additional Gb
    • encryption
    • publishing
    • automatic backup uploads to your own Amazon S3 or FTP server

    Dedicated Server
    • independed Markout service with its own database, filesystem and users - 100% the same that runs
    • you can install it on any computer running Windows 7+ or even virtualize it
    • unlimited data storage
    • unlimited user management, publishing and sharing
    • all platform-specific versions, including offline, will work directly with your server, you get unlimited licenses for them
    • * subdomain or your own domain/subdomain
    • independent interface branding and localization
    • 12 months of free upgrades, lifetime free upgrades if you install it on one of our servers for $29/mo